Cargo Express


Cargo Express specializes in quality cargo, landscape, race, and car trailers. From recreational to commercial, Cargo Express is ideal for many of your trailering needs. Built with tube frame construction, flat top, or round top designs, different colours, sizes, and options, there is a Cargo Express trailer to suit any need or budget.

Cargo Express trailers are built in Middlebury, Indiana, along with 2 other brands, Pace & Look Trailers all built by the same manufacturer.

Check out our Cargo Express Inventory, or give us a call if you have any questions on the Cargo Express brands.

Cargo Models:

The AX Series of is offered in a V Nose design. Made with aluminum, it is lightweight, but still durable. Available in 5x8 to 7x16, single axle, or tandem, plus a long list of standard features, the AX Series is a great option for your hauling needs. Ask us about the list of options available, including colours, D Rings, and two tone exterior.

The EX Model of the Cargo Express Cargo Trailers is available in 4', 5', 6', & 7' wide models. From single rear door, double rear doors, or rear ramp, this trailer proves to be versatile, while offering a great starting price. Great options are offered depending on the size you need such as side man door, ramp door extension, tandem axles, and electric brakes.

The EX DLX Model offers a great starting price, while offering some deluxe options.
Available in 5',6', & 7' wide, single or double aluminum framed doors, and a variety of payload capacities, there is sure to be a model that suits your needs. Standard with a 24"-30" wedge nose, aluminum 1 piece roof, and a variety of upgrades,, this trailer looks great, and is reliable. Ask us about upgrades such as ramp door, additional LED light dome light, and spare tire carrier.

The EX DLX 8.5 wide trailer comes with 15" tires, 4 wheel electric brakes & spring axles to ensure a smooth ride. With lengths from 20'-24', 2 LED dome lights, double rear door, sloped V nose, and a standard payload of over 3000lb payload capacity, you can see why this is a great choice of trailer for you. Recreational to commercial, the EX DLX can handle it all.

The XL Series of cargo trailers comes in 5' and 6' models. They are affordable, dependable, and come with a long list of standard features.Built with heavy duty 3/4" floor, and tube mainframe, the XL series are built to last. The 5' features options such as ramp, or single rear door, and payload capacities of 1900+ pounds. The 6' comes standard with a 32" entry door, ramp door with spring assist, 24" stoneguard, and much more. Ask us about upgrading to tandem torsion axles.

The 7' & 8.5' XL Series come in 7'-24' lengths. The 7x14 & 7x16 come standard with 3/8" wall liner, dual wall vents, 4 wheel electric brakes, dome light, and switch. Choose from round top, or flat top with 18" wedge. 24" on centre frame with optional frame upgrade, and features a payload capacity of 5000lbs.
The 8.5 x 20/24' offers a payload capacity of 3380-6230lb. Not only is it durable, it features a 24" stoneguard, 2/4" floor, 3/8" wall liner, and 16" on centre frame.

The XL SE 5', 6', and 7' wide trailers come loaded with standard features such as tube main frames, 16" on centre floor and sidewalls, that make it a perfect fit for heavy duty hauling, without taking up a lot of space. This compact cargo also offers a 24" stoneguard, ATP fenders, 15" tires, 2000lb tongue jack, 1 piece aluminum roof, screwless exterior and aluminum framed doors. Upgrade the trailer with rope rings, roof vent, ladder racks, and a spare tire to make this trailer suit your needs perfectly.

The 8.5' wide version of the XL SE comes with top of the line features such as 16" on centre frame, sidewall, and roof construction. ATP nose, fenders, and a slanted stoneguard also comes standard, along with automotive undercoating, and .030 aluminum screwless exterior, & spring axles. A 4' beavertail is also included with the ramp door. Upgrade to torsion axles, white vinyl ceiling, or a 48" RV door.

The Pro Series 5' & 6' wide trailers, come with premium standard features that can handle small jobs, big jobs, commercial or recreational. The 5' widths come standard with a rear ramp door with extension & spring assist, or double rear doors, 2 sidewall vents, & dual dome lights with switch. The 6' wide offers a two tone exterior option, and up to 14' long. Add 32" man door, tandem torsion axles, ladder racks, or removable wheel chocks to make this trailer your own.

The Pro Series 7' & 8.5' wide cargo trailers are perfect for work or play.
The 7' wide comes with either a round top design, or flat top model with a wedge nose. It also features a side man door with flush lock, and either a rear ramp door with flap, and spring assist, or double rear doors. You also have the option of upgrading to tandem torsion axles. The 8.5' wide come in 2 sizes; 20' long, or 2 24' long models. Choose between 8 different colours, or add on ladder racks, D Rings, or surface mount rope rings. This is a great choice all your hauling needs.

Car Hauler Models:

The CXT enclosed cargo is built with commercial grade quality, and delivers excellent value. Loaded with standard options such as 16" on centre frame, sidewalls, and roof bows, 15" radial tires, aluminum rims, 3/4" floor, 3/8" walls, 6'6" interior height, 24" stoneguards, torsion axles, and LED lights. Available in 9 colours, or 2 tone, this trailer will not only look great, but will exceed your expectations.
The Pro Series Gooseneck cargo model is perfectly built for your heavy duty hauling needs, Great for larger payloads (up to 10,580lbs), it also offers tube main frame construction, 5000lb recessed D rings, and can maneuver with a tighter turning radius. Add cabinets, 48" RV door, ATP flooring, or aluminum walls & ceiling to make this trailer your own. Three sizes available in 40' or longer.

The AX Model of aluminum car haulers, is light weight, and comes with less maintenance because of the rust free exterior. The AX Model comes standard with v nose on the front, screwless exterior, 1 piece aluminum roof, bolted in D rings, and the 3/4" floor is a great heavy duty surface for your vehicle. Pulling into the races, you'll want to stand out with the aluminum fender flares, 15" radial tires, aluminum rims, and nine standard colours to choose from.

The EX Series of car haulers are perfect for smaller cars. Available in 16'-24', they come with some great standard options, but not with a huge price tag.
One piece aluminum roof, all aluminum exterior, tube main frame, spring axles, EZ lube hubs, electric brakes, spring assisted ramp with extension & beavertail, side man door, and the list goes on. Upgrade to aluminum rims, or the colour of your choice to make your trailer unique.

The XL Series is a mid line trailer line, but with high end standard features. Not only does it come with a 3 year warranty, it also comes equipped with a one piece aluminum roof, 24" stoneguard, 3/4" floor, durable tube mainframe construction, 2000lb tongue jack, and ramp door with external beavertail. Upgrade to aluminum rims, extra D rings, or between 7 different colours.

The Pro Series are a premium line of car haulers. Well equipped with polished nose, or corners, 24" stoneguard, ATP fender flares, screwless bonded exterior, white vinyl interior, you'll be sure your trailer looks great inside and out. Plus with 3/4" floor, tube mainframe construction, one piece aluminum roof, 4 D rings, spring assisted ramp door with beavertail, & side man door with recessed step, your trailer will be turning heads no matter where the next car show or race is.

The Pro GT is a premium, high end level of car hauler. 8.5' wide, it comes standard with ATP headers, front & rear corners, and fender flares. Built with a truck body extrusion, it has a screwless aluminum exterior, one piece aluminum roof, white vinyl insulated ceiling liner, and front cast corners with stainless steel insert. The heavy duty ramp door is spring assisted, and has a 16" extension, and beavertail. Keep your car secure with 4 D rings, and get in and out easily with the 48" side entry door with flush lock, and recessed step. Customize your trailer with 2 tone exterior, or ATP floor, aluminum walls, aluminum rims, and E track.

One of Cargo Express' most popular car haulers is the Fusion. It sports quality, durability, and safety at a great price. High end standard construction features ATP front corners, white vinyl ceiling & tube mainframe construction, LED lights, 48" entry door, and 4 recessed D rings. With 8 colours to choose from, and great optional upgrades such as E Track, aluminum rims, or a 2 tone exterior, you'll find out why the Fusion is so popular.

The Pro GT Gooseneck car hauler can handle a larger payload, and tighter turning radius. The gooseneck allows for maximum storage, and you can choose between lengths from 36' to 48'. Built with the best standards in construction such as automotive undercoating, truck body extrusion, screwless exterior, and one piece aluminum roof, this trailer is extremely well made, and looks great also. Standard options include white vinyl ceiling, front & rear cast corners with stainless steel insert for style, and durability. Two speed enclosed landing gear also comes standard, along with heavy duty ramp with spring assist, 16" extension, and beavertail. You'll love the convenience of the 48" entry door with flush lock & recessed step, and 4 D rings to keep your car secure. Customize with a two tone exterior, below floor tire storage, ATP or rubber tread plate flooring, or add cabinets for extra storage and functionality.

The Fusion Gooseneck offers a tight turning radius, and a stable towing design that positions the weight of the trailer over the trucks rear axle to minimize sway. You'll appreciate the roomy height, and plenty of storage options including the extra room in the gooseneck. Not only is it functional, it's durable, and looks great. Available in a variety of lengths, and payload capacities, plus comes standard with ATP from corners, white vinyl ceiling, tube mainframe construction, 4 D rings, and 3/4" floor.
Make your trailer truly yours with cabinets, below floor tire storage, or additional D rings.