Western Snow Plows & Spreaders


Western is the leading manufacturer of snowplows, and sat & sander products. Their plows are Contractor Grade, but can be used for personal or commercial use. With over 10 models of plows to choose from, there is a perfect Western blade for you. Their blades are built extremely well, and allow you to get the job done in an efficient manner.
Western's Spreaders provide a variety of features built to show ice who's boss. They are reliable, and low maintenance, and come in several different models depending on your use. From Hoppers, Tailgate Mounted, and Walk Behinds, Western has you covered this winter.

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The MVP Plus V Blade allows you to move more snow with fewer passes. Not only is it efficient, it is strong. The Western Power Bar  provides torsion strength to eliminate the blade from twisting, & the steel base provides extra strength along the bottom of the blade.70 degree attach angle ensures a clean scrape.
Get the job done faster with the Western Wide-Out This versatile plow has adjustable wings that are independently controlled that expand the blade from slick 8 to 10 feet wide. The heavy duty polyurethane cutting edges reduce wear, and protect the blade and ensure a long life of the plow.
The Western Pro Plow Blade is one of the best selling blades on the market. The 11 gauge powder coated steel & Ultrafinish surface provides base for enhanced snow rolling. With the 60 degree attack blade a balanced, clean scrape will be delivered. A carbon steel cutting edge comesstandard with the Pro Plow as well.
The Striker hopper spreader is built with rust 
resistant stainless steel; perfect for the winter 
elements. The innovative chute design optimizes material distribution, and the circular shutter deflector protects what's around you.The standard coated steel top screen helps break up large pieces of sand or salt.
The Tornado Poly Hopper Spreader is is not only reliable, but low maintenance.The overlapping lids protect your de-icing  materials from moisture, and when open protect the bed of your truck from salt or sand. The dual variable speeds allow you  adapt to all wintry conditions.
The Pro-Flow tailgate spreaders come in 2
models; the 525 & 900. The corrosion free
poly hopper ensures a long life for the spreader. With a 2 stage, auger fed delivery system & independent variable speeds, you have more control to ensure consistent, & effective distribution.

Many more models of Plows & Spreaders available. Give us a call to learn more.